APD 50 A

Engine : Aksa
Alternator : Aksa
Control System : P 602



Aksa power generation system, providing optimum performance, and reliability, for stationary standby applications. All generator sets are factory build, and production tested.

This generator set has been designed to meet ISO 8528 regulation.
This generator set is manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001.
ISO 9001
This generator set is manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001.
This generator set is available with CE certification.
Enclosed product is tested according to EU noise legislation 2000/14/EC

3 Phase Ratings, 50 Hz, PF 0,8

Voltage Standby Rating (ESP) Prime Rating (PRP)
kVA kW kVA kW Amp
400/230 50 40 45 36 65

Standby Rating (ESP) : Applicable for supplying power to varying electrical load for the duration of power interruption of a reliable utility source. ESP is in accordance with ISO 8528. Overload is not allowed.

Prime Rating (PRP) : Applicable for supplying power to varying electrical load for unlimited hours. PRP is in accordance with ISO 8528. 10 % overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within 12-hour perod of operation,in accordance with ISO 3046.



Manufacturer Aksa
Model A4CRX47
No. of Cylinders and Build 4 Cylinder, In Line
Aspiration and Cooling Naturally Aspirated
Maximum Standby Power
1500 rpm 48 kW [64.3 HP]
Total Displacement L 4.95
Bore and Stroke mm 108 x 135
Compression Ratio 17:1
Rated Speed (rpm) rpm 1500
Governor Mechanical
Oil Capacity L 14
Coolant Capacity L 25
Intake Air Flow m³ /min. 3.1
Radiator Cooling Air m³ /min. 180
Exhaust Gas Flow m³ /min. 8.3
Start System 12
Fuel Consumption
%100 (L/h) 11.1


Make Aksa
Model AK337
Frequency Hz 50
Power Kva 46.3
Design Brushless, 4 poles
Cos Phi 0.8
Phase 3
Voltage V 400/230
Current A 66
Insulation Class H


Open Type Dry Weight
Tank Capacity (L)
960 1,860 900 1,420 154
Canopy Dry Weight
Tank Capacity (L)
ASM 4A 1350 2,500 970 1560 154


Aksa power generation system, providing optimum performance, and reliability, for stationary standby applications. All generator sets are factory build, and production tested.


  • Remote Radiator Cooling
  • Fuel-Water Seperator Filter
  • Anti-Condensation Heater
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Charge Ammeter
  • Three Pole Contactor
  • Four Pole Contactor
  • Three or four pole motor operated circuit breaker
  • Main Fuel Tank
  • Automatic or manual fuel filling system
  • Manual oil drain pump
  • Residential silencer
  • Enclosure: weater protective or sound attenuated
  • Trailer
  • Tool kit for maintenance

P 602

  • 1●Main status display.
    2●Display scroll button.
    3●Page(information) button.
    4●Common alarm indicator.
    5●Status LED's.
    6●Operation selecting buttons.


●DSE, model 6020 Auto Mains Failure control module.
●Battery charger input 198-264 volt , output 27,6 V 5 A (24 V) or 13,8 Volt 5A (12V)
●Emergency stop push button and fuses for control circuits.

Construction and Finish

●Components installed in sheet steel enclosure. Phosphate chemical, pre-coating of steel provides corrosion resistant surface. Polyester composite powder topcoat forms high gloss and extremely durable finish. Lockable and hinged panel door provides easy access to components.


● Control panel is mounted on baseframe with steel stand. Located at the right side of the generator set (When you look at the Gen.Set. from Alternator)

Generating Set Control Unit

●The DSE 6020 is a standard control module for our generator sets up to 200kVA and ıt has been designed to start and stop diesel and gas generator sets. The DSE 6020 module has been designed to monitor generator frequency, volt, current, engine oil pressure, coolant temperature running hours and battery volts. Module monitors the mains supply and switch over to the generator when the mains power fails. The DSE6020 also indicates operational status and fault conditions, Automatically shutting down the Gen. Set and giving true first up fault condition of Gen. Set failure.The LCD display indicates the fault.

Standard Specifications

- ●Microprocessor controlled.
- ●LCD display makes information easy to read.
- ●4-line, 64 x 132 pixel display.
- ●Automatically transfers between mains (utilty) and generator power.
- ●Manual programming on front panel.
- ●User-friendly set-up and button layout.
- ●●Remote start.
- ●Event logging (5)showing date and time.
- ●Controls: Stop/Reset, Manual, Auto, Test, Start, buttons. An additional push button next to the LCD display is used to scroll through the modules' metering displays.


●Engine speed.
●Oil pressure.
●Coolant temperature.
●Run time.
●Battery volts.
●Configurable timing.
●Voltage (L-L, L-N).
●Current (L1-L2-L3).
●Voltage (L-L, L-N).
●Mains ready.
●Mains enabled.
●Gen. Set ready.
●Gen. Set enabled.

Protection Circuits

●Charge failure.
●Battery Low/High voltage.
●Fail to stop.
●Low /High generator voltage.
●Under/over generator frequency.
●Over /Under speed.
●Low oil pressure.
●High coolant temperature.
●Fail to start.
●Emergency stop.
●Low oil pressure.
●High coolant temperature.
●Over /Under speed.
●Under/over generator frequency.
●Under/over generator voltage.
●Oil pressure sensor open.
●Coolant temperature sensor open.
●Generator over current.


●Flexible sensor can be controlled with temperature, pressure, percentage (warning/shutdown/electrical trip)
●Local setting parameters and monitoring from PC to control module with USB connection (max 6 mt).


●Elecrical Safety / EMC compatibility BS EN 60950 Electrical business equipment.
●BS EN 61000-6-2 EMC immunity standard.
●BS EN 61000-6-4 EMC emission standard

Static Battery Charger

● Battery charger is manufactured with switching-mode and SMD technology and ıt has high efficiency. Battery charger models' output V-I characteristic is very close to square and output is 5 amper, 13,8 V for 12 volt and 27,6 V for 24 V . Input 198 - 264 volt AC. Proline 2405 has fully output shot circuit protection and ıt can be used as a current source. Proline 1205/2405 charger has high efficiency, long life, low failure rate, light weight and low heat radiated in accordance with linear alternatives. The charger is fitted with a protection diode across the output. Connect charge fail relay coil between positive output and CF output. They are equipped with RFI filter to reduce electrical noise radiated from the device. Galvanically isolated input and output typically 4kV for high reliability.


  • 1Steel structures.
    2Emergency stop push button.
    3Control panel is mounted on the baseframe . Located at the right side of the generator set.
    4Corrosion-resistant locks and hinges.
    5oil could be drained via valve and a hose
    6Exhaust system in the canopy.
    7special large access doors for easy maintanance
    8Base frame -fuel tank.
    9Lifting Points.
    10sound proofing materials.


Sound-attenuated and weather protective enclosures for generating sets from Aksa, meet event the sound requirements and provide optimum protection from inclement weather and development by our specialist acoustic engineers. Our modular designed sound insulated canopies (8 – 275kVA) fit directly to the open generator set to provide ease of access for servicing and general maintenance and interchangeable components permitting on-site repair. Enclosures are designed to optimize genset cooling performance, providing you with confidence that genset ratings and ambient capability.

Standard Specifications

Compact footprint, low profile design.
Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and base-tank are pre-assembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package
Body made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating
Fire retardant foam insulation
Easy access to all service points
Exhaust system inside canopy
Large doors on each side
Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior
Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors.
Lifting points on the top of canopy and base frame
Customer options available to meet your applications needs.
Canopy Model ASM 4A
Width mm. 970
Lenght mm. 2500
Height mm. 1560
Fuel Tank Capacity L 154